Soren writes and speaks on the merging of wisdom in modern life. (Read bio here) The question before us is not if the external technologies of our age, from cell phones to computers, will continue to advance ... the more pertinent question is "Will the inner technologies of mindfulness and wisdom advance along with them?"

While our technology age offers many benefits, for many people life has become increasingly chaotic, hurried, and stressful ... overwhelmed with a continual stream of emails, text messages, and cell phone calls, awareness of the body goes "off-line" and the present moment is lost. We live "disconnectedly connected," where we are connected to technology, but largely disconnected from that place of balance and well-being that resides in each one of us.

Soren's work exlores the great opportuntiy of our age, which is to live "consciously connected": taking advantage of the amazing external technologies of our age, while also harnessing the inner technologies of awareness and wisdom, guided by a sense of purpose and vision.

For Speaking Requests, please email inquiry to sorenspeaking@gmail.com.

Interview at Wisdom 2.0 Conference