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  • Wisdom 2.0

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    In our constantly connected lives, it is easy to get overwhelmed, caught in information overload and multi-tasking, that impacts not only our stress level, but also our effectiveness. We live not only constantly connected, but also constantly rushed, constantly hurried, and and constantly stressed.

    There is a growing number of people, however, who know they will use the technologies of our age, from cells to social networks, and who want to do so with clarity, ease, and focus.

    Wisdom 2.0 was written in this spirit: offering ways to bring wisdom teachings to our modern lives of emails, social networks, and cell phones, so that we live wisely and effectively, while using and benefitting from the technologies of our age.

    "Quite wonderful, and unbelievably important." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

    “Good stuff for the busy modern life.” - Jack Kornfield

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