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  • Mindfulness and Basketball: An interview with George Mumford

    Soren - Apr 4, 2011

    (This is an interview I did some years ago while working with the Lineage Project in New York City.) George Mumford is a meditation teacher, consultant, and sports psychologist. For five years he worked with the NBA Championship team, the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan years. He currently is a sports psychologist and…   View Post >

  • Wisdom 2.0 Courses Coming Soon ...

    Soren - Dec 31, 2010

    Many people tell us that while the Wisdom 2.0 Conference is very helpful, they are looking for more on-going support in living with greater presence and purpose in their lives. I am happy to announce that we are planning to start a series of courses in March to offer just such support. There are several in the works: One…   View Post >

  • If the Buddha Used Twitter

    Soren - Nov 9, 2010

    I can't say whether the historical Buddha, the one that lived some 2,500 years ago, would use Twitter if he were alive today, but if he were alive I think he would advise the following 5 approaches to this web phenomena: 1) Don't Give a Damn About How Many Followers You Have Never allow yourself to envy others.…   View Post >

  • Mashable Articles

    Soren - Nov 9, 2010

    To read my articles on mindfulness and social media for Mashable, click here.   View Post >